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Dowlphin's Donation Details for Defeating Deep and Devastating Depression (Dodo Dedededede)

I have endured a lot and I have had negative income for many years now. I had to work through many internal and external obstacles and only now have reached a point where I realize I have given so much substantially that it is appropriate to ask for something substantial in return, otherwise I would devalue my efforts, my expertise, my potential. It has been a rough spiritual journey and still is, and substantial support like donations will help me stop the long and slow drain of energy, of motivation, of spirit, and find reward in sharing what I have to give, so that through more balance I can unlock all that potential* that wants to be set free, but can't.

Many of the things I did for various people I cannot list here. It is very diverse. (I provided spiritual-religious and end-of-life-anxiety guidance for random players in EVE Online, I befriended someone who hated and mocked what is most sacred to me, etc.) I just always did what I could out of conviction that helping others will shape a better world. Some of those activities of mine have been taken for granted, exploited, even severely punished, which left a baggage of scars, but also life lessons that eventually culminated in the realization that if I don't stop just caring about the world and start caring about myself more, I would become unable to do either.

I need to return to the playful and uplifting spirit of years past, because that is who I am; what fills me with energy to work on my various projects, what gives me drive and purpose that allows me to be the best I can be and grow in a different direction than I have so far, a more cheerful and productive one. And for that, I need to work though all that baggage of worries and fears (a lot of which I already have overcome, but so much more and frustratingly elusive still remaining) by creating a feeling of sustainability for that. Doing what I love to do is the only thing I barely have energy for. Without that love, there would be nothing left. In a way, love is my salvation.

And that is why putting an end to receiving fleeting symbolic things while making permanent substantial sacrifices has to end, and why donations make a crucial difference. I have worked so much on myself, and the lack of ability to apply what I have learned contributed to the increasingly crippling and depressing imbalance (that includes severe burnout symptoms).

So if you find any of my activities, public or private, to be worth supporting and nourishing so that I can continue and unlock more of my dormant potential, consider a donation. You can donate as much or as little as you choose, whenever you choose, as often as you choose. You make a decision of how much is fair, decent and appropriate so that you can live with it. Then I can live with it, too.
Because things need to be settled in mutual agreement to create harmony.
As for my side, I can only say that at this point no amount is too much.

Feel free to contact me in regards to this or anything else on your mind. Also if you would like to be credited for your donation. I am not so used to the whole system, so I prefer to do things like that manually.
Spreading the message is very welcome, too, if you know people who I might be able to aid in any way and/or who would like to support me.

Thank you for your time and - if it shall be so - appreciation.

You can also become a Patron.

Here is a list of my qualifications in fancy-speak (an approximation, limited scope, efficacy of many of them empirically verified), so that you get an idea of the potential that is ready to be applied when the opportunity arises and spiritual (which might intersect with material) motivation is given. I am applying as much of my wide sprectrum of skills as suits the situation, not just fixed on one role or process. Focus lies on the personal level, since that is the root of all human endeavors and ensuing problems.
  • entertainer, muse, creative director/concept designer/optimizer, synergistic artist (interdisciplinary, mixed skill levels, more wide than deep, focus on concept and process), (voice) actor
  • spiritual teacher, life counselor, mediator, communication expert
  • general analyst and consultant (processes and personal), smart planner/organizer, leader, holistic solution architect (problem solving instead of symptom management), out-of-the-box thinker

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